Your Talent Operating System

• Hire kyc verified talents globally.
• Pay multiple talents in 190 different countries and get a single invoice per month.
• Manage them efficiently and collaboratively.

A network of 100,000+ Professionals

Hire Full Time Talent or Part Time Talents from our vast network of 100,000+ profiles and growing.

Find Talent

Hire full time or contractual talents matching your needs.

Manage Talent

Assign work, communicate and track budgets.

Pay Talent

Workers receive 100% of what you pay them – no additional fees.

Pre-Vetted Talents across
10,000+ Skillsets

Tech and IT

Software Engineer
Frontend Developer
Backend Developer
FullStack Developer
App Developer
Salesforce Developers
Weblogic Developers
Cloud Developers
QA Developers
DevOps Engineer
Database Admins
Support Engineers
Data Scientist
Virtual Reality Developers
and many more........

Sales and Marketing

Appointment Setters
Email Marketers
SEO Specialists
Performance Marketers
Campaign Developers
Cold Outreach Experts
Sales Associate
Marketing Associate
and many more........


HR and Recruitment
Supply Chain
and expanding........

We’re here to support your team.

Finding the right talent can be a challenge, but Taptalent.ai is here to guide you through it all. We’ve got you covered from start to finish, helping your business grow.

Vetted Talents

We’ve verified the talents on our platform to ensure you’re only getting top prospects.

Secured Payment Options

We’ve connected with multiple payment platforms so you can give workers options.

Built Workflows

We’ve built out a process for hiring and project management to streamline your communication.

Reminders and Alerts

We’ve structured alerts to remind you when contracts are expiring or other items are due.

Other Hiring Platforms


Success Fees Payable After Candidate
Dedicated Hiring POC
Guaranteed Refunds
Pay Talent in 190+ Countries
Free Access to Management Portal
Inbuilt compliance and KYC Checks


High Job Posting Fees
No Dedicated Hiring POC
No guarantee
Talent Payment Features
Management Portal
Compliance and KYC Checks

How To Find the Right Talent

Our free platform uses the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to match your talent requests with qualified, vetted and verified workers in an instant. Submit a request and receive a list of up to the top matches. Hire talent efficiently in one click — it’s that easy.

Our Mission is to Help You Grow

We want to ease hurdles faced by businesses while working with talents, especially in early-stage ventures.

We guarantee to find the best talents for our clients.

Your Partner in Talent

Taptalent.ai wants to help you manage the hurdles of hiring talents by streamlining the process. We can be your employment contractor, and if you choose us as your partner in talent management, here is what you gain access to:

Discover Talents
Find pre-vetted and verified workers that get 100% of what they earn.
Manage Payments
Pay workers monthly and set budgets to keep your spending in check.
Assign roles and approval workflows to streamline processes.
Customise reporting to meet your needs, including legal agreement tracking.

A Project Management Tool

Talents can use TapTalent.ai to manage their payment details, keep track of assigned projects and have full visibility of the payroll timeline.

Self-Employed Payroll Made Easy

Pay talents online the way they want to be paid — we offer multiple methods and currencies for payment. Simply pay us from one invoice for all of your team’s hours, and we will do the rest.

100% Fee-Free, Just for Talents!

Taptalent.ai is the go-to hub for your workforce.
Talents simply enter their contact details, track their own projects, and have complete visibility over payroll timeline. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

“Can’t imagine our Talent management without TapTalent anymore! It really changed our approach to work!”

Jenny Wilson

Early Customer
“I work with multiple talents and it used to be a big hassle, with TapTalent our entire process has become so easy !”

Emma S.

Early Customer
“TapTalent has truly created a revolutionary product, solving many hurdles that come in way while working with top talents.”

Jen S.

Early Customer
“We don't have to worry about compliance, payments and costs any more our revenue has sky rocketed post taptalent integration”

Sam H.

Early Customer

See It to Believe It

We’d love to give you a tour of our talent platform, with no commitment needed from you. We know seeing the technology in action is important before making a decision to partner.