Paying Talents Is So Easy

Taptalent.ai makes paying talents a breeze. Pay your talents online from a single monthly invoice, combining all of the work into one easy payment. We’ll handle the rest.

Manage Self-Employed Payroll in One Click

Managing payroll has never been so easy. Simply approve your monthly invoice, and we will do the rest! You’ll be able to:


Pay talents online


Ensure payment happens quickly (within 24 hours)


Support any method and currency of payment

Keeping Talents Satisfied

We work with talents to ensure they have options, like payment through a variety of methods, including ACH, eCheck, Wire, Cross-border wire, Paypal and Payoneer. We can also support currencies from more than 190 countries.

Plus, we never charge talents to work with clients on our platform. Unlike other platforms, workers get to keep 100% of their earnings when they work with Taptalent.ai.

See It to Believe It

We’d love to give you a tour of our platform, with no commitment needed from you. We know seeing the technology in action is important before making a decision to partner.